Loans you can apply to get fast money.

It is likely that at some point we will face some type of expense that we did not count on that will put us in the position of getting fast money. The beginning of the school year may be approaching and we must pay for our children’s books. Maybe we should do some last minute reform at home or in our business.

Or it is likely that we have received an economic charge that we did not have. For example, paying for the acceptance of an inheritance. Whatever the case, the solution is to access a loan. From Across Lender we want to make you a list of the types of loans that you can request to get fast money and who offers them. Would you like to know more about this topic? In that case, keep reading.

Types of loans you can apply to get fast money

Types of loans you can apply to get fast money

Among the types of loans you can apply to get fast money, the following stand out:

Micro loans

It is a modality that has become very fashionable in recent years. This type of loan is offered by private equity companies and lenders and does not usually exceed $ 1,000. In general, the interest is high (more than 1% a day) and the repayment period is very short. Normally it does not exceed 30 days. Of course, in less than 15 minutes we will have the money in our checking account.

Today there are so many current offers in the world of micro loans that the competition has become voracious. Which is positive for the consumer, since they offer interesting offers that can be taken advantage of. For example:

  • Return terms of up to 60 days.
  • First completely interest-free loan to gain new clients.

You only have to resort to this financial option on very few occasions since the interests will penalize us a lot. And of course you have to take advantage of the offers they launch on the market.

Quick loans

This variety is similar to that of micro loans but with better conditions. They offer higher capital (usually up to $ 3,000), tighter interest (around 6% per month) and longer repayment terms.

As for speed, they offer capital delivery within an average period of 48 hours.

Home Equity Loans

At Across Lender we are experts in this type of loan. These are financial products with which we can get unlimited amounts of money in record time. In a maximum of 72 hours you will have the capital in your checking account.

To access this financing model, it is essential to be the owner of a property free of charges and subject to sale. The total loan offered will depend on the market value of the property. The maximum will amount to 25% of it. This can mean truly high access to finance.

The repayment terms of this type of products are considerably longer than the previous ones. They can reach 10 years old and include grace periods. As for the interests, they are calculated in a personalized way depending on the situation and needs of each client.

Who offers fast cash loans

Who offers fast cash loans

Private lenders and private equity firms have specialized in this type of credit. Despite the fact that traditional banking is slowly gaining ground, the truth is that its demands are much higher than those of other experts. Which makes them a secondary option when you need fast cash. In addition, many times they force customers to contract related products to offer money. Action that a private lender or private equity firm will never take.


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