Credit for the unemployed without Credit Bureau

Serious loans for the unemployed immediately & without pre-employment costs Unemployment loans without a guarantor even if the Credit Bureau is negative The deciding factor is the increasing purchasing power, a high proportion of the population and the rising age. A quick credit (express credit) for unemployed with Credit Bureau entry is a utopia or simply not meant seriously. In particular against the background of uncertainty for the bank, it must first check whether other suitable collateral exists. What causes headaches? Without a Credit Bureau loan for the unemployed?

Do you exist under unemployed? The unemployed are very limited when it comes to loans, accounts or cards, but nowadays the credit card as a means of payment plays an increasingly important and sometimes only with credit card to pay and pay number. But what about those who can not compete because of bad credit, a Credit Bureau entry or an unemployment rate for the credit card sector?

Reason why prepaid credit cards without Credit Bureau 

Reason why prepaid credit cards without Credit Bureau 

You are currently unemployed, but would still like to have a card? This is not an obstacle, because there are cards that are available to everyone, including teenagers. We speak of loans, which are mainly debit cards or prepaid credit cards. Prepaid prepaid cards may be charged in advance, as the name implies, so you can pay with your card.

Therefore, it is often disputed that prepaid or debit cards are “real” cards, because these cards are granted up to the single bill no interest-free money. Apart from this one aspect, the card does not differ in its applicability from “real” cards. But there is no advantage in having to recharge your money before getting your credit card.

This is also the reason why prepaid credit cards without Credit Bureau query, credit check or minimum income are spent. Because sums The bank is no longer a risk of loss that you can no longer enter the Internet page exam. This not only makes prepaid credit cards suitable, which are not given the “conventional” credit card due to poor creditworthiness, unfavorable Credit Bureau membership or unemployment, but also for young people or people who want full cost control.

Unemployment benefit is granted 

Unemployment benefit is granted 

Favorable lending for the unemployed is still possible under certain circumstances, but unfortunately that does not apply to most of the unemployed. Of course, credit institutions and other lenders also accept other collateral, such as real estate or life insurance. If a guarantor who meets the necessary requirements is found, there is also a cost-effective loan for the unemployed.

There is a loan for the unemployed, but at very good interest rates. For a special unemployment loan, the interest is up to 16%. When reading the small print, however, it becomes clear that the advertised interest refers only to a “representative example”.

In individual cases, interest rates are then often significantly increased. In addition, there are fees for business mediation, which are charged by dubious providers, even if it is not certain that the unemployment benefit is granted at all. So pay attention to whether a payment is required before the conclusion of the loan agreement.

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